Law of Attraction Proofs :

Law of Attraction could be Simply Defined as Attraction happening due to Strong Focus and Determination towards a Person or an Object or any Aspects in Life. In Simple Words It could be defined as an Optimistic Idea that is Believe in Yourself and in Your Dreams and they will come True. The Mind only attracts what it Believes in , There are certain Theories which Proves that Law of Attraction really Exists. Below are few Day to Day events or Examples which surely would have been encountered in Life atleast once : 1) Thinking about a Person or Loved Ones and getting Call from them Instantly. 2) A Day where the events you saw in the Dreams occurs Exactly the Same Way. 3) A Friend who is Lucky in all Aspects of his Life (Lottery , Good Career) 4) Learning Something new and your Friends Discuss it with you. 5) Talking About an Individual and they appear from Nowhere. There are many many more Events which you could recall and State them as The Law of Attraction. Here are Certain Videos which Proves that Law of Attraction Exists : 1) Proof That The Law Of Attraction Works Within 48 Hours - 2) Evidence of Law of Attraction. PROOF!! - 3) Breaking News: Scientific Proof Of The Law Of Attraction - 4) Law of Attraction Evidence & Proof -