Free Positive Affirmations :

Positive Affirmations are nothing but positive Statements or Phrases that a Person generally uses to Uplift their Moods , Confidence , For a Better Outlook or Perspective and for many more reasons. Its believed that Repeating Positive Statements not only Brings Positive Feel & Energy But it Enhances the Way a Person Thinks , The Way the Person Acts and Behaves too. In Simple Words Regular Exercises increases the Health & Strength of the Body , In the Same Way Positive Affirmations develops mind and Subconcious Thinking. Positive Affirmation Increases Visualization and It is Scientifically Proven that Positive Thinking and its repeated Phrases helps in Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Feelings even Under Huge Pressure and Surroundings. It is considered to be a Psycological Instant Remedy for mind and its Better Functioning. Some of the Best Positive Affirmations Used are listed Below : 1)Health and Wellness I honor my body by trusting the signals that it sends me. I enjoy the foods that are best for my body. I love every cell of my body. I am surrounded by people who encourage me to be healthy. I manifest perfect health by making smart choices. Every part of my body manages its tasks easily and naturally I am pain-free and completely in sync with life. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day 2)Wealth and Prosperity My loved ones encourage me to increase my wealth. I know material objects are only one part of prosperity. Health, joy, and strong relationships are also part of my wealth. I use my wealth to lift up those around me. I break through my financial obstacles. I remove the stumbling blocks in front of me. I take action to bring abundance into my life. 3) Winning Lottery I deserve to win millions of dollars It is my destiny to win the lottery Choosing winning numbers comes naturally to me I have a deep connection to the universal force of luck I am the kind of person who is always winning money on the lottery I find it easy to visualize myself winning massive amounts of money I will take care of my friends and family with my lottery winnings 4) Getting Ex Back I am getting back together with my ex I truly love and appreciate my ex My ex can sense my inner positivity I am confident and happy within myself I am tuned in on a deep level to my ex I am in a positive and loving state of mind I am persistent and determined to get my ex back I am confident that I can get my ex back I am full of love and hope 5) Fasting I have this day put my body in the hands of God my body is cleansing and purifying itself while facting When I fast I am using the same method for physical and spiritual purification I am in complete control of my body during this fast I release positive energy within myself Fasting reguales pure circulation in my body 6) Being Feminine I am at peace in my own body I release my limiting beliefs about myself I relish in the experience of life I transmit harmony to everyone I come in contact with I am whole and complete It is easy for me to assert myself I move easily with the flow of life 7) Speaking English Fluently I am quickly learning English I am a natural English speaker I practice my English regularly My mind is focused on learning English I learn new languages easily My brain stores English words efficiently I memorize English words easily 8) Fierce Boxer I am a natural boxer Boxing is my passion in life Confidence is part of my nature Training is fun I always push myself to the limit Concentrating in the ring is easy Agility and speed come naturally to me 9) Increase Height I am standing straight I always walk tall and with confidence My body is relaxed and tall My posture is perfect I always stand up straight I always sit with good posture My back is relaxed and straight I always hold my head high 10) Exam Success I am prepared for whatever comes my way today I feel good about myself and my surroundings I will try my best at everything I do Studying comes easily to me and I love studying I am healthy and I eat healthy I am very focused in my preparations I have gifts and talents that make me special From Students Preparing for their Exams to Candidates appearing for their Interviews , From a Pregnant Lady to Old Person on Bed Everybody and Anybody can use Positive Affirmations to uplift their Lifes. It is Considered that Visual and heaing Effects Lasts More that Reading. We recomment Every User to Visit Our Website : for Varieties of Affirmations of your Choices.