Power of Subconscious Mind :

Human Mind consitutes mainly of two types of Mind , Namely Concious Mind and Subconcious Mind. Concious Mind is the Part where our Brain Processes tasks according to our will eg : Talking to Others , Reading , Preparing Tasks etc. In this Stage our Mind is Fully aware of what is happening in the Body and the Surroundings. The Subconcious Mind works with Concious Mind simultaneously but it has no Limitations i.e The Subconcious absorbs and store every incidents occuring in the Life of the Individual. It acts like a Virtual Memory Bank where datas or memories could be accessed anytime and anywhere. The Power of Subconcious Mind is still the Biggest Mystery which the Scientists are trying to Prove. In simple words , When we train our Minds to Perform a Repeated task for a Particular period of Time it directly or Indirectly gets stored in the Subconcious Mind. Some of the Day to Day exapmles of Subconcious Mind are : 1) When we Learn to Drive a Car for First Time , we apply full attention and Concentration towards Driving , When it is repeated daily , Our Mind involantarily adapts to the task of Driving. 2) Breathing is an Involantary Function performed by the body while we are awake and when we are Asleep becuase it is Subconciously stored in the Mind. Developing the Subconcious Mind is not an Easy Task , The Important Fact is to make the Subconscious Mind believe that you are Happy. It is Scientifically Proven that Maintaining a Smile or Good Vibe, It makes the Subconscious Mind believe that it is Happy and Relaxed. Which Indirectly Decreases the Stress Levels by the releasing of Hormones and in turn increases the Productivity.Being Creative is another aspect for increasing the Process of developing Subconcious Mind. We have several ways in which Subconcious Mind can be Developed Easily , Visit our Website : http://www.stimulatemind.com/ to Unlock your true Potential.