What is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is Mindfulness Meditation ?

Mindfulness meditation is a meditation when you concentrate your attention on a sensation in your body. By doing this you are depriving your thoughts of attention and fall into the meditation state - thoughtless state.Some common focus points include breathing, heartbeat, the sensation between two rubbing fingers, or combination of two.In mindfulness meditation the mediator is required to be continuously aware of both the perceived object, the action of perceiving and the perceive at the same time. This requirement is most important and inherent part of practice which distinguish Practice of Mindfulness from daily consciousness or any other type of meditation or exercise.


Source of Mindfulness Meditation ?

 Mindfulness meditation is commonly attributed to Buddhism. Although the practice need no dogma and can stand very well in its own psychological and practical implications, the modern practice has derived many things from its so called ancient source.The entire concept and idea of meditation is to stop your mind from throwing fearfully, unrealistic and sometime horrific thoughts to you and scare the hell out of you. 

Steps to Perform Mindfulness Meditation 

  • Read a lot about mindfulness : Think about it. Contemplate on it. Understand it.
  • Tell your mind :  i live in the moment all the time and realize what does it mean. Experience everything about your surroundings. Experience your food. Experience your body
  • Take 10 minutes to sit in silence : Just order yourself. Your breath. Your body reactions
  • Having Patience : Keep doing this and after some time you will feel that you feel good and suddenly you will realize that you are observing things in detail.
  • Moving On : that nothing will change overnight.
  • Take your Time : Give yourself atleast a month to measure. You will be able to notice small changes

So Mindful Meditation is nothing but your focus is here and now understanding and listening to the beats and sounds in your body and killing the so called the process so of getting unwanted thoughts through focusing and channelizing your energy to this present moment where the time and space are both within you. Practicing Mindful Meditation is practically Impossible but what if you could Listen to it anytime anywhere with ease ? Click Here to create your own Positive Statements with lots of Amazing Features and Listen to them Everyday .

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