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Convert texts into audio with music
20+ Natural Voices
100+ Background musics
1000+ Affirmation Templates
Download 2000+ mp3 and videos
Custom Video
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Note : You get immediate Access to our tool after signup and You can create Mp3 Audios from your affirmations Text Right away.Gold and Platinum users gets immediate download access to 2000+ videos and audios.

Frequently asked questions


1.Use Present Positive - "I am" instead of "I will be".

2.Use Positive Statements - "I am Fit" instead of "I Am not Fat".

3.Do not use no more than 10 statements.This will disturb and confuse you.8 to 10 is good number of statements.


Its a website where users can enter any texts and convert them into Hypnosis speech with binaural background musics.


You create 100 audios per month in silver plan ,150 audios in Gold plan and you can create upto 200 audios in platinum plan.


We have 600 character limits , so u can even use upto 50 affirmations per audio.


More you believe more it works.There are lots of miracles happened to many users.You can google for it.Just making affirmations and reading it wont work.Listening to your affirmations makes it work 99% of the time.


It is best if you listen immediately after you Wake up and just before you sleep everyday.You can also listen whenever you are stressed out or working out.Dont Fight for the thoughts , just flow with them.Do it for atleast 60 to 90 days before you can expect any change.


What is Subconscious Mind ? How to create positive Affirmations ? Law of attraction Proofs ! Free Positive Affirmations

Why are we different ?

I have come across many who sell Just one hypnosis mp3 from $20 to $100 And most of them won't work because they contain different and unwanted words which did not suit my needs.So I created where you can get to choose what you need to hear.Just paste your affirmations text and you get to listen to your own custom affirmations mp3 with hypnotic voices and subliminal natural backgrounds that can tap into your subconscious mind directly and achieve everything in this world according to the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
- Admin

20+ Hypnotic Voices

You Can choose between specially made hypnotic Voices for your custom affirmation audio. Voice varies from soft , male , female, young and many more tones.

110+ background musics

You have options to choose between binaural beats , subliminal or natural background music for your affirmation mp3 audios.More musics added regularly.

1000+ Readymade affirmation texts

We have affirmations for all topics from healing to manifesting money.You can use these texts to edit and create your own mp3.

2000+ Pre-made Audios and videos

Get Access to 2000+ premade Affirmations audio and videos for manifesting,love, health ,wealth ,Self healing etc.You can Listen online or Download it.

Over 12,000 users all over the world have used For Better Health and wealth.

I Was stressed out and I had hairloss due to it.I wrote 6 lines of affirmations and converted into audio.Whenever I have stress I listen to it.It works.

Gabriel Machuret

United states.

My business Profits increased so much.I made my own custon mp3 that describes the growth of my company in affirmations.Thank you.

Carl Kent


I have made more than 20 custom affirmations Audio and I have downloaded my audio to my computer too.Love the tool.

Maria Jones