How to practice mindfulness ?

What is Mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is the perspective where your brain is wide wakeful, cognizant and mindful of everything. It is finished and purposeful spotlight on the circumstances, feelings and vibes that are going on with you at the present minute. Presently, care is holding a standing spot in the brain research to handle the issues identified with different mental and physical conditions. It works adequately on dejection, uneasiness furthermore on the medication fixation. 

We don’t have to live in the past and we don’t have to live in the  future, it is the present where we truly belong. We should really be conscious about every feeling, every thought, every emotion that occurs  in the present moment and mindfulness is all about that. Mindfulness helps us to recognize the happiness within the moment and let go our  forgetfulness. I am going to tell you the easy meditation exercises that will really help you gain the energy of mindfulness so that you can  live your life to maximum. 

Why to follow Mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is a simple, yet effective form of meditation that enables you to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviors.People who practice mindfulness are more focused, even when they are not meditating. Mindfulness is an excellent technique to reduce stress because it allows you to stop feeling out of control, to stop jumping from one thought to the next, and to stop ruminating on negative thoughts.Overall, it’s a great way to make it through your busy day in a calm and productive manner. helps you in creating your own Positive Statements and Listen to them everyday for a Mindfulness Life.

Simple Steps for Mindfulness 

  1. Live in Mindfulness : be it eating breakfast, walking, riding public transportation, drinking coffee, doing yoga postures, or any daily task , Enjoy doing it.
  2. Focus on what you do : Whatever you decide to focus on, pay attention in a special way, with purpose.It brings more purpose in doing the Task and increases Efficiency
  3. Control over Emotions : Control over emotions, reactions and thoughts while remaining calm and a neutral witness of whatever is arising inside of you or in our environment.
  4. Don't be Judgmental : Have a Optimist view in Life , never judge any person by their look or Actions , Instead try to understand and communicate.
  5. Take Proper Decisions : Being neutral witnesses allows us to create space between a emotion and us, and this space gives us the power to choose how to respond wisely to whatever situation at hand.
  6. Never Give up : Mindfulness is not a Easy task it requires a Tremendous amount of work and patience including Sacrifice
  7. Repeat Everyday : Daily repetition of Mindfulness increases the Quality of Mind and the Soul.

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