How to reprogram your Subconscious Mind ?

“Whatever, we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality” - Earl Nightangale

What are Subconscious Mind ?

Our minds are continuously exposed on a regular basis from outside environment. It is always not the case that someone is sitting in front of you and programming your mind specifically to operate in a particular negative way.But if we remain in the same environment for a longer period,our mind starts to form a particular belief system based on these outside stimulants. Click Here -> Visit the Site and know more about Subconscious Mind and how it works.

Also, our minds want to optimize our living and without making too much effort. So the easiest thing in front of mind is to operate on the basis of the things that have happened in your past.For example, if your parents and most of your relatives had been in the jobs in their lives, there are strong chances that you will start your career working in a job, that’s the power of deep ingrained beliefs in our minds for a long time.

Our beliefs are formed based on repetitive thinking in a particular way. The definition of belief itself is the repetition of same thoughts over a long period of time.


Tricks to enter Subconscious Mind 

  • Please close your eyes.
  • Try to empty your mind & achieve a thoughtless state.
  • After that visualize your dream & give full concentration on those dreams.
  • Do not allow another thought to come in mind.
  • Try to be in this state for at least 2 minutes.
  • Then open your eyes.

Ways to Achieve Subconscious Mind 

  1. Increase Awareness : In all fields of life , Eating, walking , Talking, Bathing, Sleeping  It works by slowing thoughts and Increased Awareness
  2. Relaxation : We are very tense. Coiled. Forgot to relax. Relax daily 20 minutes by sitting still, closed eyes, lose body remaining awake.Allows thoughts to settle down. Refreshes energy.
  3. Meditation : Daily Meditation at home or in group. give you peace, Happiness, Insight regularity and Continuity is a must for achieving changes . But you have to go deep and very deep you could master it easily
  4. Visualization : an individual that wants to see success, visualization is a technique that could enable you to create detailed mental pictures that depict a specific desired outcome. 
  5. Hypnosis : Hypnosis is a therapy that works with the Subconscious mind as it enables the individual to achieve a state of extreme relaxation. The Subconscious mind is easier to access once you are in this state because the Conscious mind is able to release its grip.
  6. Positive Affirmations : The use of Positive Affirmations helps the Subconscious mind to reprogram through repeated personal, positive, present tense statements that can override the negative belief or negative thoughts already registered. 

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