What is Isochronic Tones ?

Understanding Isochronic Tones 

Isochronic Tones are powerful yet effective audio based tones which helps in Brain Stimulation and Relaxing.The main highlight of Isochronic Tones are they a unique Pulsating Sound which occurs due to rapid turning on and off of the audio , which makes the audio sharp yet distinctive in nature. The Speed on which the audio is simultaneous turned on and off depends on the Frequency i.e low frequency the tone pulsates slowly and calmly, where as High frequency the tone pulsates fast and more actively.

Benefits of Isochronic Tones 

  1. Energy and Motivation – The Pulsating Sound Effects by Isochronic Tones help boost the Energy Levels, and make you feel more Alert and Active. It increases Blood flow in the Brain for Better Activity.
  2. Increased Focus & Memory – Another Advantage of using Isochronic Tones is they could be used anytime even If you are feeling tired, unmotivated and distracted. Isochronic Tones in a moderate frequency will elevate the brainwaves up to a more optimal High Focused State.
  3. Reduced Stress & Anxiety – The Best Time to use Isochronic Tonic is when one is feeling stressed, agitated, anxious , angry or facing similar emotions .The Brain is usually lot active with an increased amount of activity, using low frequency tones reduce Stress & Anxiety.
  4. Improved Sleep – While facing insomnia of Uneven Sleep Pattern , it's very likely that your brain is quite active in one way or another. A Low yet Pulsating Isochronic Tones helps in reducing Brain activity for getting a Faster Sleep.
  5. Meditation & Relaxation – Sometimes an individual may find it difficult to reach a deeper State of Meditation, especially when new to meditation.Using Low Frequencies Audios will help relax the brain to deeply relaxing and sometimes mental states.

It has been Scientifically proven that Listening to Isochronic Tones regularly helps in Better Concentration and Anxiety and Stress Relief. Isochronic Tones can be prerecorded and played back or generated by a circuit. Each ear receives a sine wave only they are a at two different frequencies.It is this difference in frequency that creates the beats. The beats entrain the brain .Isochronic Tones are created with sine waves instead of music, Imagine creating your own Positive Affirmations and using them ? Visit -> Click Here to Create your own Positive Affirmations with customized Tones and Images and Listen to them Everyday for Improved Life and Soul.

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