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Success Stories

  • I wanted to lose weight but I could not do any exercises because of my heart problem. I am also a Lupus patient too, and I also have a fractured right knee. So I just took a breath, started to follow your techniques in your Mind repogramming training, thought positive and I almost not even thought about weight loss. I was happy for who I am, plus I started appreciating my body shape, perfect weight and figure. Then day by day my medicines started to be decreased by my doctor. I started to use and get the help of some other organic medicines for my diseases. I was rescued and lost my extra fat which was actually because of allopathic medicines and water swelling. I am so happy, as always! Keep positive, believe in yourself and trust in God. Thank you so so much Linda ma’am. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Erica R. Long
  • At the start of 2017 I was without a steady job as my previous employer uprooted his business and moved it to the west coast. My bank account was empty and I had to dig around my car to find loose change just to afford gas to drive across town.My friend recommended Linda Mind repogramming course.I have joined and she changed my perception towards life.I decided I wanted to make $100k by the end of 2016 using my videography skills. I was aware of The Secret already, so I would always keep a positive mindset which was very difficult a lot of the time. I would tell myself that I had already reached my goal. By the end of 2018 I had invoiced $94k! I wouldn’t hit my goal of $100k until a week later. Maintain a sense of constant gratitude and success and you can experience the same reward! George Johnson
  • A millions thanks to Linda for helping me to achieve my long term desire to attract the perfect life partner. I followed few techniques like water techniques.Also I wrote down in my cell, the qualities that I wanted in my soulmate, he manage to have it all. He is the most loving and romantic guy. I am so very blessed! He cares for me even more than my parents. What more I can ask for? He respects me and he is understanding. I am thankful to the Universe that he came into my life and we are a happy couple. He never wants to to lose me and we complete each other. To all those out there who are waiting for a miracle, believe me, just place your order to the Universe and let it go. Mary Richburg