What are Lucid Dreaming and how to do it ?

What are Lucid Dreaming ? 

Lucid Dreaming is the great way to interact with the fantasizing and mesmerizing things and incidents that are not possible in the real physical world. In this experience, everything seems so real and practical that you never can doubt on its reality and its happening. It’s like you are in some different and beautiful world which you will never have in your real life.There are many practical Benefits of lucid dreaming. You can strengthen your consciousness and the awareness about this physical world. With this awareness, you can convince yourself that you don’t have to be stuck in your sufferings. Instead you can conquer those feelings and be a lucid dreamer.

Advantages of Lucid Dreaming 

  • Psychologically : Realize that is a dream and make a nightmare stop, treat phobias and such situations
  • Physiologically : It is known that positive emotions will change us physically, even at cellular level. 
  • Relationship : Lucid dreamers are much happier and less oriented towards creating arguments with partners. 
  • Perception : You will develop some visual and imagery skills over time, you will be able to analyse from various different angles anything related to perception.

Ways to Perform Lucid Dreaming 

  1. Dream Recalling : Keep a diary and have a record of every dream that you had previous night. Try to recall every dream when you wake up in the morning. Write down even when you don’t remember the whole dream. Write everything you remember, even your confusions. Spend at least 10 minutes to this activity if you really want to be a lucid dreamer. Write down even if you get awake in the middle of the night and the dream.
  2. Analyze and Compare the Reality : Perform some regular reality checks in a gap. You can check how do you look like, How does your nose look, how many time you take for one step, what is your walking style, what is your body language and there are so many things that you can notice about yourself. Let me tell you the benefits. Whenever you will find the things you noticed missing in your dream, you will be most likely to become lucid at the moment.
  3. Manifestation : You need to spend almost 15-20 minutes of day for the manifestation. You have to convince yourself that you are really going to attain lucidity in your dreams. Try meditation and self-hypnotizing techniques for this tip.
  4. Make Affirmations : Make positive affirmations about the experience you are going to have. Keep repeating the phrases like “I am going to be conscious in my dreams”. Try to carry your wakeful awareness to your sleep. This is a great key towards the lucidity. The affirmations are very important for you to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming. Try to fall asleep repeating your affirmations.
  5. Identify the Weird Signs : There are some absurd and ridiculous things that take place in everyone’s dream. You can experience something stupid like your result has been declared and you score 2 marks in Mathematics, 3 in English and you have failed.Be sure to recognize these signs of dreaming.
  6. Wake Up at Night : Waking up at night really helps you to achieve lucidity in the dreams. Waking at midnight helps you to attain the full consciousness hence your chances of becoming lucid are much more.
  7. Stay Calm : Avoid over excitement and try to stay as calm as possible. Look staying calm will not let you sleep or it can even wake you up when you are Lucid and enjoying you dream. Over excitement will kill all the fun. The most important thing for you is to have fun when you lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming has been experimented with as a treatment for chronic nightmares.The theory being that having control over your dreams means you don't have to fear them. You can Face your fears by inculcating Positive Affirmations Statements, Click Here to Listen to Positive Affirmations and t helps in achieving Lucid Dreaming easily.

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