Water Experiment for Love , Hate & Ignorance

“When the subconscious mind must choose between deeply rooted emotions and logic, emotions will almost always win.”
- T. Harv Eker

Love , Hate & Ignorance in Life 

Many People believe that the use of Positive Affirmations are Philosophical Thoughts and It doesn't exist in practical Way of Life , Some People say the Positive Affirmations doesn't have much effect in their Life, The truth is It requires a Huge deal of Patience , Self Trust and Confidence to Implement the use of Positive Affirmations in Everyday Life , Majority of People give up easily due to Lack of Such Qualities but Once you Truly understand the Way to Use the Affirmations in the Right Way then it Improves the Life to a Good Extend.

The Law of Attraction or Positive Affirmation helps to mold Every Individual characteristics like Health , Wealth , Success at Work , Peace in Life.Positive Affirmation can be created easily , Click Here to visit the Site and get more Features .In the Mid 1990 , Dr. Masaru Emoto a Japanese Researcher and Author conducted an experiment to Prove that Human Mind and Conscious has Same effect on Water Molecules of Subjected to Different Situations and Conditions.

Water Experiment :  Dr. Masaru Emoto

In his Experiment Dr. Masaru Emoto took Water in Several containers and Subjected those Containers to Several Physical Attributes like Good Words and Words , Encouraging Statements and Discouraging Statements , Prayers and Noises , Good Music and Rough Music.After Subjecting them to These Conditions for Several Weeks.He froze the water in the containers so that they would form crystalline structures. Then using High End Cameras he captured the pictures of the Crystalline Structures formed in the Containers and the results were quite remarkable.

  • The Crystalline Structures formed in Container of Water which were subjected to Good Words , Encouraging Statements , Prayers and Good Musics turned out to  have formed symmetrical and aesthetically Shapes and It looked quite stunning.
  • The Crystalline Structures formed in Container of Water which were subjected to Bad Words , Discouraging Statements , Noises and Rough Music turned out to have formed Rough , Unsymmetrical and non pleasing Shapes.

Dr. Masaru Emoto further stated that the Crystalline Structures formed in Fresh Water collected from Mountains had a Beautiful and Symmetrical shape comparing to that of the Polluted Water collected from the Cities. The Conclusion obtained from the Experiment explains that Positive Approach will bring Better Surroundings to the Individual and Negative Approach Brings Negative Effects in the Surroundings .Better Approach could be defined as interacting and Spreading Positive Energy which not only helps to makes Happy but brings more comfort to other People too , One way to have Positive Approach is by Practicing Positive Affirmations everyday , Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmations and Lead a Happy & Peaceful Life.

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