Power of Words - Rice Experiment

What are the Power of Words ?

Physical wounds can heal through medication and our body's natural process of healing injuries. The Strong Mind and Will Power plays an important role in Healing the mind and Body. However, words spoken that hurt you stay inside your mind permanently. These words keep echoing within ourselves and it makes you feel restless and miserable about yourself.

Those emotions of anger, frustration, being hurt must come out somehow. Some people get angry or cry, some share with their close friends or spouse how they feel, but there are many people who either don't know how to deal with such situations or don't have anybody to talk with and they are the people who suffer the most.

Human brain reacts to these words which you have no control of.  We like to hear good about ourselves. But we often get to hear criticisms and words that offend us or hurt us.

The Rice Experiment by Dr Masaru Emoto  :

In the Above Experiment the rice is cooked and it’s divided into two clear jars with lids. 

  • Jar A : one is labelled a derogatory name, like stupid, or worthless, etc. and placed in a Dirty and Ugly Environment with Little Lighting. 
  • Jar B : The other jar is labelled brilliant, loved, wonderful, etc. and is set in a place of Clean and Beautiful Environment with Good Lighting.

Every day, twice a day for a few minutes, The Jar A was instructed to speak lovingly to the rice including Good and Motivational Words. Sentences such as how much it rice was cared in Jar A , and how deserving of all good things it was. 

Then the Jar B  would be dealt with all the frustrations and is Labelled as worthless , Stupid and Demotivating Words.It was kept in a Dark and Isolated Environments.

This Process went for more than several weeks for a Better Results , As the results came it was really shocking and Unbelievable.

The rice of Jar A of rice smelled mildly fermented, nutty almost. It was a pleasant “alive” kind of smell - one that depicted something thriving and Motivational. However the rice in Jar B was the one that surprised all i.e It smelled like nothing. Like it lacked Life in it and was really demotivated.

So, same rice, same type of jars, vastly different, consistent approaches = different result.

The Proof Video for the Rice Experiment 

"Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs."
                                                         - Pearl Strachan Hurd

Importance of Power of Words

To us it was proof that we’d be very wise to be watchful of the quality of our words and intentions around all mediums because whatever they are, that stuff sticks. Yet water in particular seems to be a very powerful conductor of intention - perhaps because we humans comprise up to 75% water.

The words you speak have a Great Impact on the Individual , So it is always advised to choose the words carefully. If you Speak negatively , you will be filled with negative energy whereas if you speak Positively , you will be surrounded with Positive People and Positive Energy. In the same way if an Individual thinks in a Positive way about any tasks in Life or any Goals he wants to pursue , it will surely be a Success. Positive Affirmations plays an important role in an Individual's life in one way or the other. Click -> Visit Here one such awesome site in which you could create your own Positive Affirmations and Listen to them any Time , Anywhere and helps in Developing Confidence and helps to Lead a Happy Life.

Whichever language you choose to communicate with people, there are words that one speaks or writes that will generate emotions which could be either positive or negative through either reading or hearing.It is amazing how our brain functions because these are ultimately just words - but they can either motivate you or devastate you.

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