How to do Self Hypnosis ?

 “The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.”
  – Scott D. Lewis

Self Hypnosis is simply a way to influence oneself, by bypassing the inner critic that consistently questions suggestions. These suggestions can be visual, audio, anything really and anything can act as a suggestion. A conversation, a movie, a book or your own voice. This is basically what self hypnosis is.You can relax and go into a state of hypnosis and read a passage in a book that acts like a metaphor to solve a problem you are having.You may watch a movie about a successful person and it will give you a feeling of well being and inspiration that may change a very deep negative belief about yourself ,it is defined as Self Hypnosis.

The Easy & Effective way of performing Self Hypnosis :

  1. Sit comfortably and fixate your attention on a single spot a little above the height of your eyes.
  2. Focus all your attention on that spot and tell yourself that with each passing second you focus harder.Once that's on the way, tell yourself that the harder you focus, the heavier your eyelids feel and the more you want to close them.
  3. Shift that focus to your feet and relax, releasing the tension from your eyes and letting relaxation spread from your feet. Let that sensation slowly spread upwards, going through your legs, your chest, all the way to your head.
  4. Once that relaxation has reached your head, imagine a special spot in it that gives you access to your mind and let that feeling spread there.
  5. Imagine yourself in a place where you feel good, whether it's a beach, a grass field, anywhere. Take your time to appreciate the environment.
  6. Here you can start focusing on what you want to achieve through Positive Affirmations or imagine yourself exactly how you would want to be, and then walk into that self as it dissipates and becomes part of you.
  7.  Once you're done, tell yourself that in a moment you will peacefully exit this wonderful internal world and come back to the real world.
  8. Start counting from 1 to 10, either in your mind or aloud, getting closer to waking up and feeling fully alert and refreshed as you reach 10.

Why to do Self Hypnosis ?

 Many people have tried and succeeded learning how to hypnotize themselves. Even celebrities have. You are actually in and out of Hypnosis everyday.Whenever you're doing something and become unaware of how much time has gone by or where you are, you're in Hypnosis. It could be when you're taking a shower, reading a good book, watching a movie or driving your car and going past your destination because you're temporarily not focused on where you're going. 

Everyone can experience self-hypnosis, so it works in terms of whether you will be able to enter self-hypnosis. Many problems with a psychological or psycho physiological component can be helped with self-hypnosis, and although there is less robust research some physical problems may be able to be helped by self-hypnosis - often though the research seems to show most promise with the psychological components like symptom removal or improvement and pain control.

Self-hypnosis is about focusing your attention on what is important. The Psychiatrist Milton Erickson used to say the best way to do self-hypnosis was to ask your unconscious mind to make a change and give it a realistic time-frame to do this in, and then just carry on with your day. He ditched all the self-hypnosis rituals and said late in his life that he realized these weren’t necessary.One of the easiest ways to do self-hypnosis is to make your own self-hypnosis audio tracks where you can guide your attention and then give yourself suggestions to follow and do mental rehearsal of things in the future going differently, and you can follow along to your voice guiding you through all of this. The Voice Guidance has a good impact on the Brain than any other Stimuli , It would be even better if you could hear your own words which you could here again and again. Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmations which helps you to Lead a Happy and Prosperous Life , You can access from 100 of different varieties with Added Tunes and Images.

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