Unlock Power your Subconscious Mind

What is Subconscious Mind Powers ?

The subconscious doesn’t have positive power or negative power. It only has creative power. It can create negative and positive changes. This outcome is dependent on what you put in which comes from the conscious mind.The most crucial point you have to find out about the subconscious mind is that works the way we think. It works continuously day and night with full force and energy.

The subconscious mind manages the body. It is literally impossible to control the Thoughts in Subconscious Mind.It is crucial to make the Mind work in a Positive and Uplifting way so they it benefits the Individual in every way possible Way. In simple terms Belief as well as Life Changing Ideas are the foundation of the subconscious.

The conscious mind acts as the will and command and the unconscious acts in the role of creating/resolving that command. Understanding the practical application of this rule will unlock the depth of the creation power of the subconscious.

“You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition.”
- W Clement Stone

Simple Techniques to Unlock Power your Subconscious Mind  :

  1. Meditation : Meditation helps in the calmness of the Mind , which in-turn helps in Better Functioning of the Subconscious Mind.
  2. Self Talk : Repeating the Goals and Long Term Plans in the Mind helps the mind in better Approval and Understanding of Mind.
  3. Express Gratitude : For every things from Minor to Major and write a Gratitude Journal at the end of each day.
  4. Connect with Nature : Go for a walk in the woods and try to be in one with nature. Spend time with children as they are innocent souls and are not bound much by their conditioning.

Importance of Subconscious Mind 

Subconscious mind is reflected into conscious mind that you see in your frontal mind as behaviors, moves and patterns in the present. Take clue and work on these and you will see great change in yourself. Keep eliminating what in your view you see as evil, that's it. Try with all your strength to not repeat any mistake - that is the sure short way to cleanse, enlighten and activate all your bodies - be it physical, mental .

Meditation can help you know yourself .Though knowing oneself sounds as a easy task , it is difficult .The Stress is always laid on repeating Positive Statements everyday by which you can achieve Dreams and Goals easily , You can try such by visiting StimulateMind.com : A website where you can create your own  Positive Affirmations with Lots of Amazing Tunes and Unique Pictures .Once you meditate you would be conscious of the patterns that emerge , the habits or emotional response that you have developed without being aware of .It can be a life changing experience.It changes your brain in lot of ways

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