How to eliminate Negative Thinking ?

What cause Negative Thinking ?

Negative thoughts not only disturbs the present moment but also drains energy from the body making the Individual feels physically and Mentally drained of Energy.The more a Person thinks into the negative thoughts, the stronger it become. Negative Thinking starts as a Small Issue in mind but if not dealt in correct time it could get bigger and affect a lot.When one starts to have negative thoughts, it’s hard to stop them. And it’s much more easier said than done to shift your focus to positive thoughts.

“See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” 
-Dalai Lama

Steps to Overcome Negative Thinking 

  1. Meditate or do yoga : Yoga or meditation is best way to overcome Negative Thinking It takes away the focus from thoughts and brings attention to the Present.Yoga is also very relaxing, which helped ease the mind.
  2. Smile More : Practice everyday before your mirror Smiling for being Lucky to have all the People and Things you have in Your Life.It really does help change your mood and relieve stress. 
  3. Surrounding with Positive People : Friends and Loved ones helps to ease up Negative Thinking , When a Person is stuck in a negative spiral, talking to people who can put things into perspective helps a Lot and won’t feed the negative thinking.
  4. Changing Thoughts from Negative to Positive : Instead of thinking, “I am going to have a hard time adjusting to our living situation,” think,“I will face some challenges in my Life, but I will come up with solutions ”.
  5. Creating your own Responsibility : Even if the situation becomes unbearable, there is always a way out.Believe in oneself that one will always have the choice to make change happen, if needed.
  6. Help Someone :The biggest worship is to do something nice for another person. Help with Food in Orphanage or Spend Time in old Age Home.It will take the mind off of things and will make feel better for helping someone else.
  7. Let yourself move Forward : It’s easy to dwell on own mistakes.The only thing one can do now is learn from the mistakes and move forward and Lead a Happy Life.
  8. Introduce Hobbies : Find time to do what you really love like Singing , Cooking , Drawing that helps your mind off Negative Thoughts and Develop your Skills.
  9. Being Grateful : Being grateful helps appreciate what you already have.Always remember that someone out there is yearning for what you have.
  10. Following Positive Affirmations : I like to place Post-It notes with positive quotes on my computer, fridge door, and mirror as reminders to stay positive. Also, I’d like to share with you a quote by an unknown author that was shared in a meditation class that I attended.

There is no short cut to get rid of negative thinking. You have to be really determined for this. One quick trick that you can apply is stop, check and control. Monitor your thoughts, if you find a negative thought, stop there, ask your self is this thought good for me ? If answer is no ,control your thoughts. Control in the Thought is a Tedious Process but can be achieved by Strong will and Positive Approach Visit -> Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmations and Lead a Happy Life.Divert your mind somewhere else. This seems a difficult method but with practice it becomes a habit.

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