Does Self Hypnosis work ?

“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind.” 
– New York Times

What is Self Hypnosis ?

Self-hypnosis is a perfectly natural and safe way for one to tap into their subconscious mind that governs much of our behaviours and actions which can be very powerful. It involves being in a completely physically and emotionally relaxed state. Statistics have shown in general that when performed correctly, can have around 90% success rate.Self-hypnosis is limited, sometimes you get a much deeper and better experience by letting someone do it for you but it’s great for relaxing yourself into sleep,letting go of a stressful day, affirmations and positive self talk for example.The truth is you already do self-hypnosis every day. When you drive a familiar route and your mind drifts off, when you read a book and get lost in a story,when you’re sat on the toilet and have that light bulb moment…..all of the are self-hypnosis. All I do is give someone a functional way to access the same state of mind and some more options of what to do with it to help themselves feel good and achieve whatever it is they want to get better at.Self-hypnosis is about focusing your attention on what is important. 

How does Self Hypnosis Work ? 

The Psychiatrist Milton Erickson used to say the best way to do self-hypnosis was to ask your unconscious mind to make a change and give it a realistic time-frame to do this in, and then just carry on with your day.He ditched all the self-hypnosis rituals and said late in his life that he realized these weren’t necessary.One of the easiest ways to do self-hypnosis is to make your own self-hypnosis audio tracks where you can guide your attention and then give yourself suggestions to follow and do mental rehearsal of things in the future going differently, and you can follow along to your voice guiding you through all of this.What if you could do Mental rehearsal with your own words and create your own Affirmations ? Click Here to Create your custom made Positive Affirmations with customized Tones and Effects and Listen to it daily for developing yourself.
Often the recommendation is to do self-hypnosis about treating a specific problem or achieving some personal development or personal enhancement every day until you notice the changes happening, and then perhaps continuing longer until the new way of doing things, or the changes seem to be automatic and instinctive.


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