What is Astral Projection and how to do it?

What is Astral Projection ?

Astral projection is very ancient art of taking your soul aka non-physical consciousness or existence out of your physical body in order to travel the 4th,5th and other dimensions,experience your higher self,get to know who you truly are,what you had been and what you will be,from where you have come and what your purpose is.

What happens in Astral Projection ?

Astral projection is certainly one of the most mystifying forms of out of body experience during which one’s soul separates from the physical body and traverses the astral plane with the utmost intention.By leaving the physical body, the astral or subtle body, can hover and observe a practitioner's environment, or traverse across the globe and beyond spans of time wherever intuition seeks.Those practicing astral projection are extremely aware of the extraction of their consciousness from their physical form, as well as the restoration process of bringing one’s soul back to its body. Over the course of time, several successful astral projection methods have revealed, and have revealed themselves as being safe and effective.

Ways to Perform Astral Projection 

  • Sleep in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes
  • Feel every single parts of your body
  • Breath in and breath out
  • Count 99 and take a breath in, count 99 and take a breath out
  • Again, count 98 and take a breath in, count 98 and take a breath out
  • Do the above till you fall asleep or till you feel the vibrations

Important Tips for Performing Astral Projection 

  1. Eagerness : A few individuals are as of now honored with the capacity of astral travel. This is not as essential as your readiness to travel. This is the first tip that aides in astral projection for fledglings. Regardless of what you have in you, you don't need to travel unless you need. 
  2. Perform in Isolated Place : Trepidation is something that can drag you far from your destination. Abandon every one of the reasons for alarm; this is something that astral go for fledglings requires.  Astral projection stories can assist you with becoming brave about this procedure. So quiet down, and go uninhibitedly for whatever you are going to. 
  3. Create Positive Vibe Around : Making a decent quality and climate is something that truly offers you some assistance with achieving your objectives. Stay around the general population and things that bring positive vibes for you and you can get loose. 
  4. Better Fixation : Fixation is most urgent phase of Astral Projection. It's something that is hard for very nearly everybody. Focus can be accomplished through the reflection. On the off chance that you truly need to think then simply get the most satisfying thing and begin concentrating on that. You can concentrate on your third eye as well. 
  5. Strong Detachment : Presently the individual is prepared to withdraw his/her spirit from the body. Your spirit can enter from your physical body to your astral body. You will require a great deal of tolerance alongside a considerable measure of practice to accomplish this state. 
  6. Return to the Body : At whatever point you need to return to your body, you can take after the silver line which is a power that keeps you joined with your body. Enter your body and attempt to move your physical body and afterward you can re-move your spirit from astral body to physical body and recapture the cognizance.

Astral travel is only possible through meditation.One will need to practice meditation daily,If you meditate with a desire of Astral travel, chances are you can achieve it easily .Meditation is all about emptying our mind. Once the mind is empty and thoughtless, your body will start filling with cosmic energy, and one day you will be able to experience Astral travel. Click Here to Create your own Positive Affirmations and Listen while Meditating for Better Results.

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