What is synchronicity ? How to invoke it ?

What is Synchronicity ?

Synchronicity is an illusion caused by humans observing seeming patterns of coincidence which occur for no reason.  Because humans are excellent pattern matches , we notice patterns in everything and are trained to look for repetition and symmetry in everything we see and experience. Occasionally, due to the random nature of the universe, we will observe coincidences, patterns or similarities between two or more events that has special significance to us.  We attach the significance because we see a pattern and try to derive meaning from it by wondering about its significance and our imaginations do the rest.  

Examples of Synchronicity 

  • Listening to Radio about Friends Show and your Best Friend Shows up at your Door
  • Looking at the Watch while driving and it shows time as 12:12 PM and the Car in front has 1212 in Number Plate
  • Cutting Carrots for Dinner and hearing simultaneously about Benefits of Carrot from random channels

When Does Synchronicity Happen?

Technically, all events in life are synchronicity, in the sense that nothing is truly random. From the most important events down to the minute details; from the most vital crossroads decision points in life - meeting significant people, making life-altering choices - down to the time of the day when you go to bead, when to write your email. 

 Ways to Invoke Synchronicity 

  1. Wisdom & Knowledge : Synchronicity reveals an underlying pattern in the universe, a large guiding framework that organizes our lives.
  2. Focused Intention : Having a clear idea of what we want to create in our lives and what we want our lives to be like, encourages synchronicity.
  3. Channel the Energies : Synchronicity is an energy. Change your energetic or vibration frequency to reflect the feeling or "reality" you wish to embody.
  4. Being Kind & Humble :  It is our responsibility to others to be awake and aware of the potential of each moment to touch and help another.
  5. The Power of Magic : Synchronicity occurs when one is fully prepared in terms of awareness and consciousness.
  6. Relaxed Mind and Body : Synchronicity requires being relaxed; it cannot be willed or forced.
  7. Better Perception : Synchronicity is about being awakened to the infinite possibilities available to us within the divine matrix of perception. 

Synchronicity events are meaningful coincidences in space and time that facilitate a teleological imperative. Such arrangements of events determine strategic nexus points which entail the recursive interplay between individual minds perceiving the physical world and the collectively conscious mind orchestrating the grand symphony of the metaphysical realm. Click Here to create Positive Affirmations which in turn helps you to Positive Affirmations for Leading a Better Life.

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