How to create your own Binaural Beats ?

What are Binaural Beats ?

Binaural Beats are sound frequencies which you play through earphones. It is actually an illusion or sort of trick played on the auditory centers of the brain. Different frequencies are played in each ear and it creates a differential between the frequencies. This differential is actually the third frequency the brain begins to hear. What is interesting is how this will manifest as different brain patterns depending on the third frequency.One can achieve stress relief, improved concentration, better memory, deep states of meditation and more alert states of calm, and deep sleep.

 Binaural Beats and Brain Waves

There are 5 basic brain wave states. They have been given Greek letters to symbolize and name them and each state is a different one of consciousness.From the highest frequency to the lowest, they are as follows:

  • Gamma : This is the highest brain frequency associated with advanced thought, inspiration, genius, transcendent mind, and clarity of consciousness.
  • Beta : Sometimes called “the coffee state,” this is when our brains are at heightened alertness and awareness. It is useful for focusing, learning, and completing tasks efficiently.
  • Alpha : This is the state considered to be ideal for learning and simply just being. It is a state of being calm and alert.
  • Theta : Entering slower brain waves, the theta state is that of meditation and sometimes considered the state of being between sleeping and waking. It is useful for creativity and healing purposes.
  • Delta : this is the lowest brain wave state and it is when deep sleep occurs. This is the pure deep sleep with no dreams. It is total sedation.

 Advantages of Binaural Beats 

  1. Increased Relaxation : Binaural beats allow you to tap into relaxation at the touch of a button, which is great if you’re under a heavy schedule with minimal time to yourself. 
  2. Better Sleep : By listening to binaural beats on a daily basis the mind is entrained to learn to relax on demand. 
  3. Deep Meditation :  Binaural beats aid meditators in achieving low brainwave frequency while at the same time maintaining a high level of consciousness. 
  4. Mindfulness :  Binaural beats enable you to truly access the present, to really be in the now and let go of attachment to the past and thoughts of the future. 
  5. Increased Positive Energy :  Studies have shown that the calming effect binaural beats have on the brain boosts positive energy in everyday life.
  6. Increased Concentration : Binaural beats are capable of eliminating stress and pressure from the mind, thus making us more focused and attentive.
  7. Body Healing :  Binaural Beats relieving the mind of stress and anxiety the body will naturally become healthier and stronger.
  8. Lower Stress : Binaural beats transport the user to a place of tranquility, to another world where there is peace from the tension and challenge of everyday life. 
  9. Eliminate Anxiety : Binaural beats provide sanctuary for those suffering anxiety and related symptoms such as panic attacks and irrational thought processes. 
  10. Spiritual Consciousness :  Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are two commonly sought after higher consciousness states achieved through the use of binaural beats. 

Create your own Binaural Beats

 To achieve a desired state of mind, you simply need to get your brain to imagine that it is hearing the frequency associated with the state you want to be in.Of course, to do this, you need to know your brain frequencies and how they make you feel Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmation Statements and listen to them in different Frequencies and Listen to them anytime and anywhere.


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