How to create your own Guided Meditation Audio ?

What is Guided Meditation ?

Guided meditation Audio is a type of meditation which involves creating positive mental images ton induce positive effects while practicing. It can be used for many purposes including relaxation and goal manifestation. It depends on your purpose of meditating. It can also help your performance.According to studies athletes who did both mental training through Meditation Audio and physical training showed an higher performance than people who just did physical training.

Why use Guided Meditation ?

If you are meditating to become peaceful then you can visualize a beautiful beach or a green forest with birds humming which will help guide you into a relaxed state of mind.If you are using it to achieve your goals then you can visualize how you want your life to be like in the future and experience in your meditation as if it already happened.This will increase your desire to achieve your goals and also keep you focused on it.One important aspect of  if you are using it for achieving your dreams is emotion. You need to feel emotion to make the  as rich and full as possible and also to help increase your desire.

 Ways to Perform Guided Meditation  

  1. Simple Meditation : It's possible to have a lot of complexity, or at least confusion, in a guided meditation. There are so many different styles and approaches that it's easy to get overwhelmed.So the best thing to start with is an approach that is as simple and straightforward as possible: sit up straight, in a quiet area, close your eyes, and focus on your breath.While it is a simple approach, it isn't easy, and that's the point, that it's something that you can practice and get better at over time Use a guided meditation that has you focus on your breath.
  2. Keep it Short : There's a lot of emphasis on how long you can meditate for.But when you're first starting, it's really really hard to do meditation for any length of time.So the key is to start small.How small?Two minutes is a great starting point.Is it enough to drastically change your life right away? Probably not, but that's not the point. The point is that because it's so hard, you need to start small.Focus less on how long your meditation session is, and focus more on making it a daily habit.Starting small is the key, and a good guided meditation will have a very short version available.
  3. Small Increase in Time : In the same way that you start small, you also want to increase your meditation times by small increments.Instead of jumping to 5, 10 or 20 minutes after you feel you have 2 minutes down, go to 4. Then 6, then 8, then 10.And there's no rush or hurry. Only change times once you feel more than comfortable to do so.But having a guided meditation that offers these gradual increases is crucial.

 Create own Guided Meditation

The main idea of mindfulness is to take you to a calm place where you can SEE the oncoming problem or danger and go through it.For any immediate situation where you need to act carefully but proactively and taking the right-mindful decision , be it sports, a hectic job , trouble with relationships- you cannot expect to perfect response to it unless you feel you are comfortable with yourself.If these situations seem difficult to tackle, it has to be a mindful response where you must be in control and give yourself the room to actually think. Click Here to create your own Guided Meditation and perform it Anywhere and Anytime for a Happy and Successful Living.

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