"The secret" Simplified for you in 2 paragraphs.

About The Secret 

The Secret is a Best Selling Book which is based on how Law of Attraction works and how a Persons Mind could change the World completely . It was written by Rhonda Byrne , and has 10 of the most life-changing insights she’s had over the last 10 years of practicing and living The Secret every day. The 10 insights alone will accelerate your understanding and mastery of the law of attraction.

Who is Rhonda Byrne ?

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian television writer and producer, best known for her New Thought works, The Secret—a book and a film by the same name. By the Spring of 2007 the book had sold almost 4 million copies, and the DVD had sold more than 2 million copies. She has also been a producer for Sensing Murder. According to an article published by Australia's Herald Sun, Byrne has also worked on the Australian TV series World's Greatest Commercials and Marry Me. In 2007, Byrne was listed among Time Magazine's list of 100 people who shape the world. 

10 Insights about The Secret 

 It is considered to one of the Best Selling Books of all time as it contains some Important essence which are explained in a simple way so that every individual who reads it could follow and implement in their Life easily. Here are the Best insights from Th Secret : 

  • Feeling the Gratitude : Life is not always Fruitful, Accept it and Live your Life Fully . Be Thankful for all you have in Life.Thinking about what is good in my life makes you much happier than thinking about what is not good. 
  • Importance of Thoughts  : Your thoughts are your Weapon , your life story comes directly from your thoughts. You frame your internal dialogue and picture of yourself in your mind.  
  • Being Aware in Life : Find what your Life is meant to be , If you are not feeling good and are not happy, find ways to change your mood.
  • Understanding Life Purpose : If you know what your purpose is to do in life and find ways to incorporate that purpose in your life daily, you’ll be able to maintain that happy feeling and attract more of it into your life.
  • Love what you do : Find joy in what you do in Life  This will keep you joyful about your contribution to the world. 
  • Know your Intentions : Always search for what you really want in life. Whatever your goals are, you have the ability to make them happen.
  • Believe your Abilities : You just must be able to believe enough in yourself and the universe to know that it is possible for this to happen to you.
  • Mindful Meditation : Meditation calms and makes the Mind Strong , Think about all the really special parts of your life. Stay in that good place and breathe.
  • Better Visualization : Visualize your Dreams and Goals in Life , See yourself in the present accomplishing whatever it is that you dreamed about. 
  • Prioritize Yourself First : Love yourself the way you are , You are made to make a Difference in Life ,Find ways to love yourself first so that you can then love others fully.

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