How I reduced my anxiety with Positive Affirmations ?

What is Anxiety ?

Anxiety could be defined as a Sudden worry which could be Personal or Situational , Depending upon how much disturbed the mind is , It may be about something specific or it may be non-specific in nature. A Limited amount of anxiety is normal and helps improve our performance and allows people to manage Intense situations easily.The Excess of Anxiety could be defined as a person suffering from poor self-esteem, Doubts and ears: fear of other people,There is fear of the external world and fear of the internal world.

Feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt, the nameless sense of being unfit for reality, inappropriate to the challenges of life, arise inevitably when and if a person fails to attain a reasonably satisfying level of self-confidence and self respect. 

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” 
― Amit Ray

 It is Important to understand that Anxiety is a symptom that is present in most psychiatric disorders, in many neurological disorders and in some other medical disorders.Most anxiety stems from a subconscious fear to any given situation.To overcome this,One Must know and overcome their Fears. Once this is discovered, the conscious mind will invalidate this fear and your anxieties should subside

Reducing Anxiety with Positive Affirmations

  1. Getting Adequate Sleep - A Proper Sleep of around 7-8 hours helps the Body to regenerate and  Gives Mind a proper relaxation from Anxiety. Many times a general anxiety could be a result of simply not getting enough rest, Brain needs time to recover.
  2. Proper Meditation - Sleep is basically a Rest for Body , the proper rest of Mind comes with when the brain needs to just calm down and chill out Mindful Meditation helps the Brain for Better Focus, with better Concentration Power too.
  3. Physical Exercise - Physical Exercise helps to Strengthen the body and increases Stamina and Recovery Process , Rigorous Exercises like Running  or Working Increase blood Flow to the Brain and releases Endorphin which helps in relaxation of Mind.
  4. Organize the Time - Studies have shown that Proper Planning and Execution of time helps in reducing Anxiety to a certain Level. Weather it's a Small task or a huge Deadline , Better organization helps in having a Peaceful Life.
  5. Learning to Say No - Understanding what one needs and Learning to say No plays a Major role in peace of Mind and Body. It reduces unnecessary Stress and makes Life more Easier.
  6. Understand Uncertainties in Life - Many People dream about their Future and tend to Overthink about it a lot which in turn Affects their present Life and the Life of their Loved ones too.One should accept the fact that Life is always uncertain and should learn to adapt accordingly.
  7. Express by Writing - Writing down your thoughts or Emotions will help you understand the reason behind the Anxiety , and helps in better Self understanding over Time.
  8. Preparing Mind with Affirmations - the repeated use of Positive Affirmation helps the Mind to face not only Anxiety and Stress but all the Challenges in this World , It helps in Understanding the True Purpose of living and helps to Lead a Peaceful Life.

Anxiety can be described as a feeling of alarm or “worry”. It may be about something specific or it may be non-specific in nature. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and helps improve our performance and allows people to avoid dangerous situations. This normally lasts for a short period causing no impairment in social or occupational functioning. When this anxiety is prolonged and affects social or occupational functioning, But it can be overcome easily with inculcating Positive Approach in Daily Life , which comes by repeating Positive Affirmations Everyday. Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmations and Listen to it Daily for Better Life.

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