How I reduced my Stress with Positive Affirmations ?

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.”
- Hans Selye

What is Stress ?

Stress is one of the major problems of modern generation. Most people are stressed.People are so much troubled of stress that want to avoid it all the time. They dream to live a stress free life.Stress is a serious poison which could affect in a Very Bad Way.It can affect anyone, at any time and under any circumstances.Stress does not only decrease the quality of life but also affects general health.

Overcome Stress Naturally 

  1. Deep Breathing : While a Individual is under stress , the breathe Pattern completely changes. In Calm State of Mind a person would normally take deep slow breaths. But when stress Increases , breathing start getting briefer and shallower.If facing a stressful situation, take 5 minutes to breathe deeply and Do it at least 10 times to feel calm and composed.
  2. Meditation : Meditation is kind of mental exercise in which one focuses on its breathing to reach spiritual awareness as well as relaxation.Meditation is quite effective in reducing stress. It produces a state of deep relaxation and promotes emotional stability.It can also help you understand your inner thoughts and feelings.
  3. Connecting with Nature : City Life are very much stressful ,Noise, Pollution, cars, and people are reasons behind it.The Best way to release stress is to go for a walk and connect with nature. It could be by jogging or brisk Walk but When walking in nature, be aware of the surrounding environment as well as your inner state of being.
  4. Exercise : Exercising with obvious reasons has many health benefits, including a direct and positive influence on releasing stress. While Exercising , The body releases endorphins which provide a sense of well-being t both Mind and Body. It also helps to relax the body and fall asleep more easily.
  5. Write Thoughts : Writing down Feelings and Thoughts allows me a person to evaluate how serious the events are logically.It helps in proper and deeper understanding of the Problems and to find simple solutions to removing the stress. 
  6. Self Distraction : Sometimes Distracting the mind by occupying it with other thoughts and activities is the Good form to release stress.It could include Physical Activities , hobbies or reading books or Playing some Instruments.
  7. Practice Positive Affirmations : Stress often goes hand in hand with negativity.Sometimes it's important to let go and accept that we can’t always control everything. We can have control of one thing that is the Mind. The Best way to calm the Mind is by repeating Positive Affirmations in Daily life. Click Here to visit the Site and create your own Affirmations with additional images and Sounds.

As you can see, stress can be managed. By following the tips above, you can make some changes to your life that will allow you to better be prepared, let go of, and deal with life's stresses. There is no need for stress to bring you down, you are prepared to deal with the stresses that life brings. Fighting Stress is Naturally Easy by Accepting all the Positive Vibrations and Energies and Leading a Happy Life, Listening to Positive Affirmations helps in achieving the desired Life , Click Here to create your own Positive Affirmations and Listen to them Anytime , Anywhere.

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